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Correction: Dismal voter turnout may doom Facebook's quasi-democracy

The earlier number indicating the number of votes still needed was incorrect. The vote is short 299.4 million.

By December 10, 2012


Dismal voter turnout may doom Facebook's quasi-democracy

Facebook will abolish users' ability to veto its policy changes unless 300 million people cast a vote. Without a huge spike before today's noon deadline, user voting rights are history.

By December 10, 2012


Cory Booker's plan to 'hack' politics and disrupt democracy

"The power of the people is more important than people in power," Booker said. He's developing #waywire, a social news platform, in hope of changing America for the better more quickly.

By September 10, 2012


Al Gore with Sean Parker at SXSW: 'Occupy democracy!'

It's the early days of using social media to activate people in politics, but America's former VP and Facebook's founding president say democracy can be saved--if people get empowered online.

By March 12, 2012


Sampling 'Chinese Democracy'

With an album as weird and sprawling as this, you can't get a sense of it with samples. Instead, head over to Imeem and check out complete tracks--before they're pulled.

By November 25, 2008


Report: Man who shared 'Chinese Democracy' to plead guilty

Sharing nine songs from the upcoming Guns N' Roses album could cost Kevin Cogill a year in prison.

By November 10, 2008


'Democracy Challenge' comes to YouTube

Aspiring filmmakers from around the world are invited to finish the sentence "Democracy is..." with three-minute videos.

By September 15, 2008


Bellevue CIO committed to 'digital democracy'

The city of Bellevue, Wash., is part of King County's eCityGov Alliance, which is committed to providing free online services to citizens. City CIO Toni Cramer sits down with ZDNet editor in chief Dan Farber and explains how the alliance develops and delivers new applications. She also urges governments at all levels to work together to create standard ERP frameworks so that software can be developed around consistent processes.

November 1, 2007


Internet radio is dead for today; democracy, on the other hand...

Internet radio might die soon, assuming the current fees that go into place next month aren't re-evaluated.

By June 26, 2007


Why A Democracy Depends on a Free Press

A brief overview on why a free press is vital to a democracy

By June 15, 2007