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So what's a brand-new (defunct) Coda sedan electric car worth?

Electric cars from the defunct Coda company are going for fire sale prices online.

By Feb. 26, 2014


Nokia's defunct MeeGo finds new life as Sailfish

A Finnish startup created by former Nokia executives is hoping to break through with their fledgling mobile operating system.

By Dec. 18, 2012


Defunct Sharper Image looks to redeem gift cards

The company has petitioned bankruptcy court to give cardholders back up to $2,245 in value, a new report says.

By Apr. 13, 2011


How the defunct Dell Adamo led to the new XPS 15Z

Dell killed Adamo earlier this year when its take on the luxury laptop didn't resonate with customers. Now it's back with a more moderate take on a more wallet-friendly thin notebook.

By May. 23, 2011


Adding a FireWire PCI card to replicate defunct built-in ports

Adding a FireWire PCI card to replicate defunct built-in ports

By Aug. 2, 2006


The greatest defunct Web sites and dotcom disasters

'Live fast, die young' could've been the Web's motto when the dotcom bubble burst around 2000. We take a look back at the period's monumental collapses and now-defunct successes

By Jun. 5, 2008


Defunct MSN Music has a DRM controversy on its hands

One-time customers will be prevented from moving their songs to additional computers after August 31.

By Apr. 22, 2008


HD DVD: Just another brick in the wall of defunct formats

Audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg ponders the imminent demise of HD DVD and looks back over a long history of defunct formats.

By Feb. 19, 2008


Apple again trounces Samsung in US smartphone wars

Apple snagged almost 42 percent of the US smartphone market last quarter, says ComScore, leaving Samsung in second place with 26 percent.

By Feb. 4, 2014


Intel to shutter its app store

The chipmaker plans to shut down its AppUp store, a remnant of the short-lived Netbook era.

By Jan. 29, 2014