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Crave giveaway: Geektastic Comic-Con swag stash, Part 2

Didn't win last week's Comic-Con gold mine? Try again this week for more free comics, action figures, and T-shirts from the show floor. Plus, a poster signed by Multiversity writer Grant Morrison.

By August 8, 2014


Optimus Prime-inspired clothes transform your look

There's more than meets the eye with these playful Her Universe clothes for female fans inspired by the Transformers.

By July 7, 2014


Transformer-like suit lets you lift 110 pounds -- with each hand

An Italian engineering company has created a robotic exoskeleton that gives wearers superhero powers. But this one has a weak spot that Crave's Michael Franco spots in an instant.

By March 6, 2014


1,000-pound robot wine rack ready to terrorize the tipsy

One man posts a mammoth robot wine rack on Craigslist and electrifies the imagination of the Internet.

By June 15, 2012


ABCs of Car Tech: Safety tech

This week, we'll be changing gears and clarifying the alphabet soup surrounding passenger-car safety tech.

By December 12, 2011


Razer game peripherals get Transformers treatment

Razer gets more branded peripherals with mice, mats, and laptop sleeves featuring leaders from the Autobots and the Decepticons.

By June 29, 2011


Transformers crash land on Android OS

Glu Mobile has released a port of its Transformers G1: Awakening iPhone game to the Android Market this week.

By October 1, 2010


What the fashionable nerd is wearing

How to formally declare you're a Transformers fan in one easy step.

By February 5, 2009


Top ten spacecraft

Sit back, cool your jets and point your telescope at our list of the most magnificent achievements in the short history of human-kind's exploration of space

By June 19, 2008


Nokia E90: Rock-hard smart phone

Looking for a sturdy smart phone that does it all? Then you might want to have a look at the Nokia E90 that comes with built-in GPS

By August 2, 2007