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Manti Te'o's fake girlfriend was born and died on social media

The hoax about the death of the famous football player's girlfriend was wholly constructed on the Internet, but it was those same online tools that left a trail that also revealed the truth.

By January 16, 2013


US Airways sends lewdest brand tweet ever

The airline says a pornographic image sent to a customer from its Twitter account was actually sent to it by someone else. Is this entirely believable?

By April 14, 2014


Why Cowboys.com is only for a certain kind of cowboy fan

Once upon a time, the Dallas Cowboys could have owned Cowboys.com. However, after not believing the domain to be worth $275,000, the team reportedly let it go. It's now a male dating site.

By September 23, 2012


NBA star turns to Twitter to sells his bulldog

The Oklahoma City Thunder's Kendrick Perkins isn't going to stoop to eBay. He's not going on Craigslist. No, he simply offers his pooch to his tweeps.

By June 19, 2013


Phil Jackson's strange first tweet is an AOL ad

As everyone wondered why the great coach had tweeted in such an apparently confused manner, the answer is revealed. Not everyone will like this.

By March 28, 2013


WrestliLeaks: Reddit poster reveals WWE results in advance

A Reddit contributor decides to use the forum to progressively reveal the alleged future results of WWE fights. Oddly, his predictions are eerily accurate.

By July 19, 2013


Outcry as Yahoo's Fantasy Football goes down on game day

The pain, the sorrow, the angst. Worse than being a Jaguars fan, Yahoo's Fantasy Football goes down -- in unknown circumstances -- an hour before kickoff Sunday.

By November 12, 2012


The Web at 25: Dot-com bubble bursts and breaks me, too

In part 2 of a four-part series tracking a colorful quarter-century of the Web, Crave's Eric Mack drops out of school to join the dot-com madness of the late '90s, only to get drop-kicked back to where he came from.

By March 11, 2014


@NBCOlympics: 'Great opening show; too bad you can't see it'

The network tape-delays the Olympics opening ceremony in the U.S., yet live-tweets the event (to get you all excited about not being able to see it on NBC?). Even Salesforce's Marc Benioff tweets a link to a pirate site.

By July 28, 2012


Yankees' error leaks personal data on 21,000 fans

Unlike other recent data leaks that involved hacking, this one at the Major League Baseball team was due to human error.

By April 28, 2011