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Buzz Out Loud 1588: Loved the show (Podcast)

At 1,588, it's the final episode of Buzz Out Loud, the podcast that launched a thousand news stories, arguments, hosts and co-hosts, producers, and good times. We packed the studio full -- Tom Merritt, Veronica Belmont, Jason Howell, Rafe Needleman, Donald Bell, plus, of course, Molly Wood, Brian Tong, and Stephen Beacham...and it's possible there was some Champagne, a little whiskey, some cake, and even a couple of news stories. Oh, and tears. Definitely tears.

By April 5, 2012


Buzz Out Loud 1545: Netflix isn't seeing Starz anymore (Podcast)

Just in time to force us all to streaming plans, Netflix announces that its content streaming deal with Starz has fallen apart. Eek. But at least they protected us from the tiered pricing Starz wanted in addition to $300 million per year. AT&T prepares its pro-merger death ray, Dominos announces plans for a pizza delivery joint on the moon (seriously), your responses to our decision to go weekly, and Pastor Luke mans up on Computer Love.

By September 2, 2011


The 404 718: Where it's snowing in space (podcast)

Today's topics include a new generation of Four Loko alternatives, social-networking shoes, and Wilson's struggle to jam a big tip into a small ear canal.

By November 30, 2010


The 404 581: Where we try to eat the meat off the chicken feet (podcast)

Warning: Today's episode of CNET's The 404 Podcast is not for the faint of stomach. Please take a moment to scoot that trash can closer to your person prior to viewing.

By May 14, 2010


The 404 554: Where Justin and Wilson take a trip to the Jersey Shore (podcast)

Jack White hates video games, MTV's Asian-American Jersey Shore, and the eight most irritating types of gadgeteers!

By April 7, 2010


The 404 552: Where we're like, 'Been there, done that' (podcast)

This morning Wilson told us that he'd tear his hair out if he hears the word "iPad" one more time, and we completely understand, but we still have to talk about it a little bit on today's show, so beware of falling hairs.

By April 5, 2010


The 404 553: Where the Doc drops the 'series' (podcast)

CNET cell phone expert Bonnie Cha comes on the show to help Jeff shop for a new phone.

By April 6, 2010


The 404 544: Where heroes get remembered but legends never die (podcast)

If you couldn't tell by the two hockey pictures and the well-placed Sandlot quotation in the title, today's episode of The 404 Podcast celebrates Jeff's 28th birthday!

By March 24, 2010


The 404 534: Where we take a stab at the daily news (podcast)

The original rundown for today's episode of The 404 Podcast started with a bunch of stories about tech-related violence, but we decided to scrap all that for a more positive show.

By March 10, 2010


The 404 Podcast 521: Where we stomp a double McTwist with extra tomato

It's Thursday, which means Natali Del Conte is on today's show!

By February 18, 2010