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Uber and its Asia rival GrabTaxi offer free supercar rides

With Formula 1 coming to Singapore this weekend, GrabTaxi Singapore lets users ride in style, with seven supercars at their service. Meanwhile, Uber Singapore's supercars will come with free champagne.

By September 16, 2015


'Game of Thrones' season five to be simulcast in over 170 countries

HBO has announced that the entirety of the new season of "Game of Thrones" will get a simultaneous broadcast, matching the US air time on networks all across the world.

By March 10, 2015


Do you like loud music, or prefer to listen quietly?

At home or in your car you're in control, how loud do you like your music?

By September 20, 2014


DARPA developing implant to monitor brain in real time

In a bid to improve the mental health of soldiers and veterans, DARPA has launched a $70 million project to create an implant that tracks neuron activity and provides quantifiable brain data.

By October 28, 2013


Aston Martin DBS Carbon Edition packs added luxury, Garmin Nav

Aston Martin has been busy this past year, churning out the One-77, Virage, Vantage S and Zagato, but it's still found a bit of time to tart up its flagship GT cruiser, the DBS.

12 Images By September 13, 2011


Aston Martin's Vanquish rides again

Aston Martin announced details of its Vanquish, the successor to the current DBS and a revival of the model name.

By June 20, 2012


Bang & Olufsen makes beautiful music at Geneva auto show

At the 2012 International Auto Show in Geneva, Bang & Olufsen representative Bjarne Sorenson gave CNET a tour of audio systems in the new Aston Martin DBS, Mercedes-Benz SL AMG, and Audi A3.

By March 9, 2012


Aston Martin Experience iPhone app lets you fondle virtual sports cars

Aston Martin's new Experience iPhone app provides a vague estimation of what it's like to ride around in a £160,000 wondercar.

By April 18, 2011


Another coupe for Aston Martin

Aston Martin announces it will unveil the all-new Virage GT car at the 2011 Geneva auto show.

By February 23, 2011


Aston Martin DB9 opens its doors to the AMVOX2 Transponder watch

Do you own an Aston Martin DB9? Fed up with the ignominy of opening the door with a wireless fob? The AMVOX2 DB9 Transponder could be the end of your woes.

By November 1, 2010