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Darik's Boot and Nuke for CD and DVD

Delete data on hard disks so that it cannot be restored.

4.5 stars Editors' rating on Apr 27, 2009
4 stars Users' rating out of 48 reviews
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Darik's Boot and Nuke for floppy disks and USB

Delete data on hard disks with this portable version of DBAN.

3.5 stars Users' rating out of 11 reviews
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How to sell your old gadgets

Did you get some new gadgets this holiday season to replace your old ones? We'll show you some tips on how to sell your old gadgets.

By December 26, 2011


How to secure your PC in 10 easy steps

Use encryption, keep your software up-to-date, disable images in e-mail, scan e-mail attachments for viruses, use a nonadministrator Windows account, scan for viruses manually, and use a secure-erase utility to destroy old data.

By November 15, 2011


How to know when your private data is lost or stolen

Don't wait until a collection agency is dunning you for payment of an account a crook opened using your stolen identity. To reduce the risk, monitor all your financial accounts for unauthorized purchases or transfers.

By November 8, 2011


How to securely erase an SSD drive

Erasing an SSD drive not only sanitizes the drive, but recovers lost performance on systems with inefficient garbage collection. We'll show you how to securely erase your SSD drive.

By October 5, 2011


Need to destroy data? This sticker is a tickler

Creative artist from the Free Art and Technology Lab has created a helpful (well, at least a hilarious) sticker for those who need to destroy data fast.

By July 18, 2011


The right way to destroy an old hard drive

Don't put it in the microwave, don't roast it on a spit, don't soak it in acid, and don't put it next to an industrial-strength magnet; the key is to make the drive's platters unspinnable.

By March 26, 2009


The Real Deal 152: Intermediate Twitter

Rafe and Tom tell Twitter users how to get the most out of their Twitter accounts. Don't know what RT, OH or even @ means? You need to listen to this episode of The Real Deal.

By March 10, 2009