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The mobile phone of the future will be implanted in your head

Implantable technology and driverless cars headline a number of bold predictions from the Davos World Economic Forum survey of 800 industry leaders on the effects of software on our society.

By January 19, 2016


Privacy dominates tech execs' discussion at Davos

At the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, tech CEOs say full privacy online is impossible.

By January 22, 2014


'Game of Thrones' actors reveal who they'd kill off in Westeros

Who do Jon Snow, Davos Seaworth and Sansa Stark want to kill off on HBO's "Game of Thrones?" Video from a London premiere of Season 5 dishes the bloody details.

By March 20, 2015


The Internet will vanish, says Google's Eric Schmidt

Technically Incorrect: Speaking at Davos, Google's executive chairman explains that we'll all be experiencing our digital connections as a seamless part of our everyday world.

By January 22, 2015


At Davos, the self-important get a leaderboard

At the World Economic Forum, a Twitter leaderboard is giving the planet's most elite a way to see who's leading the conversation. Cue the snark.

By January 22, 2013


Interview with 'Game of Thrones' Liam Cunningham

Better known as Ser Davos Seaforth in Westeros, Liam Cunningham chats to CNET about the incredible popularity of Game of Thrones, his fingerless gloves and the show's enduring legacy.

By June 30, 2014


Web founder Berners-Lee: Share info, improve the world

At Davos, Tim Berners-Lee urges telling people where the potholes are, letting the hospitals learn what's working, and paying musicians directly. Also: remembering Aaron Swartz.

By January 25, 2013


Will TED 2009 heal the Davos depression?

While both venues summon an elite group of thinkers and doers, this week's conference, focused on technology, entertainment and design, is decidedly more optimistic.

By February 4, 2009


Facebook's face time at Davos

The social-networking site uses instant polling of members to generate buzz among the world's business and government elite.

By February 1, 2009


In Davos, talk of linking clean tech and economy

At the World Economic Forum annual meeting, economists ask governments to use economic stimulus spending to promote clean technologies that mitigate climate change.

By January 30, 2009