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Apple iPod Touch (4th generation, 16GB, black)

The fourth-gen iPod Touch is Apple's second-best portable media player, with a price that will help you forget about No. 1.

September 27, 2012

4 stars Editors' rating on November 27, 2012
3.5 stars User rating out of 1 reviews

Apple iPod Shuffle (third generation, 4GB, silver)

The third-generation iPod Shuffle is the next best thing to an invisible MP3 player, but the quirky controls and microscopic design make it a limited recommendation.

March 11, 2009

3 stars Editors' rating on March 12, 2009

Apple iPod Nano (third generation 2007, 4GB, silver)

The shape may have changed, but Apple's relentless attention to detail remains. The third generation of the iPod Nano provides loads of entertainment for a down-to-earth price.

September 5, 2007

4 stars Editors' rating on September 7, 2007

Apple iPod Nano (2nd generation, 4GB, blue)

The second-generation Apple iPod Nano is like the successful offspring of an iPod Mini and a first-generation iPod Nano. It's small, stylish, user-friendly, and competitively priced--a great player all around and suitable for a variety of users.

September 12, 2006

4 stars Editors' rating on September 13, 2006
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iSkin evo2 (for 20GB)

Unless you have Cruella de Vil's nails and the patience of a Buddhist monk, you'll probably have a hard time working with iSkin's ultrathick rubber case.

December 8, 2004

Pricing not available

Editors' Take

Speck Skin for the 4G iPod (Frosted Clear)

For those of you who plan on dropping and/or scratching your iPod, consider the durable Speck SkinTight before it's too late.

September 10, 2004

Pricing not available

Editors' Take

DLO Podfolio (for 4G iPod with Click Wheel)

If you don't mind hiding your iPod's white pearly finish with a rather dull black leather, Digital Lifestyle Outfitters' PodFolio might just be the perfect addition to your matching attaché.

December 8, 2004

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Apple iPod Nano (4GB, white)

Thanks to its limited capacity, the gorgeous iPod Nano isn't for everybody, but it sets the standard for MP3 players to come.

September 7, 2005

4 stars Editors' rating on September 12, 2005

iPod Mini (4GB, Pink, 2nd generation)

In the iPod Mini redux, Apple offers two capacity options and a more competitive pricing scheme--welcome improvements in an already fantastic player.

February 23, 2005

4 stars Editors' rating on March 17, 2005

Apple iPod (40GB, 4th generation)

Apple's fourth-generation iPod delivers notable improvements to an already excellent product--and at a lower price.

July 19, 2004

4 stars Editors' rating on August 23, 2004