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Apple iMac MD096

The 21.5-inch iMac will be a compelling lower-cost all-in-one for Mac loyalists, but you can get more capabilities from similarly priced Windows all-in-ones.

September 11, 2012

3.5 stars Editors' rating on January 16, 2013
3.5 stars User rating out of 3 reviews

Elgato HD HomeRun

The Elgato HDHomeRun is a decent way to get over-the-air TV on your Mac, but its high bandwidth requirements mean you're better off opting for wired rather than Wi-Fi streaming.

February 22, 2012

3.5 stars Editors' rating on February 23, 2012

MSRP: $179.95


IBM ViaVoice Mac OS X Edition 3

ViaVoice is an affordable, if buggy, program for basic speech-to-text dictation. To avoid using your hands, however, we recommend the Windows-only Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8.

October 11, 2003

3 stars Editors' rating on February 23, 2006

Adobe InDesign CS2 (Mac)

InDesign CS2 speeds the creation of complex pages, further challenging market leader QuarkXPress. Translating a print page design directly to a Web format is always problematic, but InDesign CS2 can get you close.

April 1, 2005

3.5 stars Editors' rating on April 24, 2005

Date A Live: Rine Utopia (PlayStation 3)

  • Subcategory: Adventure
  • Developer: Compile Heart

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 - Mac

  • Genre: strategy / tactics / wargame - entertainment park builder
  • Subcategory: games - strategy / tactics / wargame

Roxio Popcorn 3 (Mac)

  • Category: utilities
  • Compatibility: Mac

Descent 3 - Mac

  • Genre: simulation - small spaceship flight
  • Subcategory: games - simulation

Rehm 3 (PC/Mac)

  • ESRB: Everyone
  • Context: fantasy
  • Genre: adventure - first person adventure
  • Number of players: 1 Player