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Twitter acquires anti-malware company Dasient

Security startup Dasient joins Twitter to apply it malware-fighting platform to the "world's largest real-time information network."

By January 23, 2012


Dasient helps Web sites avoid blacklists, malware

Start-up launched by ex-Googlers is offering a free alert service for when sites are blacklisted for hosting malware, as well as a fee-based malware-monitoring service.

By June 16, 2009


Report: Infected Web sites double in 2010

Drive-by downloads are the preferred method for delivering malware, overtaking the use of spam and e-mail attachments, Dasient says.

By November 22, 2010


Firms tackle virus-laden Web sites, ads

As more users get hit by "drive-by downloads" and "malvertising," companies like Armorize and Dasient offer services to help keep surfers safe.

By May 26, 2010


Web-based malware infections rise rapidly, stats show

Nearly 6 million Web pages are infected with malware, double previous estimates earlier in the year, Dasient says.

By October 27, 2009