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FWD.us hosts 'growthathon' to hack immigration reform

Channeling the idea of a hackathon, Mark Zuckerberg's political action group uses coding and data mining to spark political action on immigration.

By June 23, 2014


The Macintosh turns 30: Going the distance

Apple's Macintosh arrived with great fanfare, but the computer that aimed to show why 1984 wouldn't be like "1984" barely made its debut. Here's the story of how it came to be.

By January 21, 2014


M'soft appoints Dan'l to .Net team

Software giant Microsoft said Tuesday it has hired veteran Silicon Valley executive Dan'l Lewin as vice president of .Net business development. Working out of the company's campus in Mountain View, Calif., Lewin will help develop new deals in the Valley centered on Microsoft's .Net initiative. Lewin, who has had sales and marketing positions at Apple Computer and NeXT, most recently was CEO of Aurigin Systems, an enterprise software company. During Lewin's tenure at Apple, he helped launch the company's effort to enter the higher-education market and later headed the company's overall education sales and marketing for the company. He left Apple to help launch NeXT as vice president of worldwide sales and marketing.

January 30, 2001


Windows 8 beta could debut as early as February

Microsoft will release a public beta of its next operating system in late February of 2012, according to The Next Web.

By December 2, 2011


Microsoft lists 'App Store' as a Windows 8 feature

Microsoft President Steven Sinofsky includes the much-rumored feature in a blog identifying the teams working on the next version of Microsoft's operating system.

By August 17, 2011


Windows 8 prerelease launching in coming months

In a new blog series called "Building Windows 8," Microsoft President Steven Sinofsky is short on specifics but promises to reveal more over the next few weeks.

By August 16, 2011


Microsoft VP hints at Windows 8 release in fall '12

Speaking at a Microsoft event, VP Dan'l Lewis lays out the likely scenario for Windows 8, from initial beta to final release, according to reports.

By June 16, 2011


Microsoft looks to 'Elevate' California

The software maker is bringing its free technology job training program to the Golden State, the company and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger are announcing on Wednesday.

By March 10, 2010


Microsoft offers free software for start-ups

Software maker will allow certain companies to use Windows Server and other products for three years at no charge.

By November 5, 2008


Google envy is alive and well in Redmond

Thought he had grown out of it? No way. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's new mantra: "My gestalt is stronger than your gestalt."

By June 20, 2008