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DaimlerChrysler partners with Fiat on diesel

Fiat's powertrain division to supply light diesel engines to trucks, with plans for more collaboration.

By Jun. 19, 2007


Show spotlight shines on design

Automotive News previews new model launches at the 2011 Detroit auto show.

By Feb. 26, 2014


Chrysler plans hybrid 300 sedan in '13

Automotive News reports on Chrysler's plans for a hybrid sedan.

By Jan. 18, 2011


The 'groovy' highway hi-fis of the 1950s

Turntables in cars looked like the next big thing in 1956.

By Sep. 21, 2011


Apple going into car tech?

A new device in the works could debut with Mercedes, according to one report

By Jun. 18, 2007


Chrysler's in-car phonograph

A dewy-eyed look at early advances in car tech and a variation on the first DRM.

By Feb. 15, 2007


BP opens hydrogen fueling station in Michigan

BP opens hydrogen fueling station in Michigan

By Oct. 24, 2006


It's a gas: Hydrogen cars rally in Canada

Hydrogen fuel cell cars rally in Vancouver, Canada at a conference for proponents of the technology.

By May. 10, 2007


So small, even a caveman could parallel-park it

The Smart ForTwo will be available to U.S. buyers in '08. Make your reservations now.

By Mar. 21, 2007


Chrysler refines 300, adds custom options

Automotive News reports on the Chrysler 300.

By Feb. 10, 2011