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Rick Perry fails YouTube 101

The struggling Republican presidential candidate released an ad on YouTube Tuesday that has garnered 41 times as many dislikes as likes. Perhaps his social media team forgot they could turn off that ability.

By December 8, 2011


The Web at 25: How it won the White House -- and won me back

In the fourth and final installment of his series celebrating 25 years of the Web, Crave's Eric Mack returns to the Web from the wilderness after spending some time exploring the dark side of the Force, er, politics.

By March 13, 2014


Four lessons from a single successful tweet

What I learned from a single tweet about Facebook's 1 billion users announcement

By October 6, 2012


Among the top election quants, Nate Silver reigns supreme

Not only did FiveThirtyEight's Silver pick all 50 state winners in the presidential race, he also beat out his polling aggregator rivals for sheer margin of accuracy.

By November 8, 2012


Fox News, NYT personnel cleaning up Wikipedia entries?

According to analysis, people using Fox News and New York Times IP addresses have been scrubbing Wikipedia entries.

By August 15, 2007


Amazon tries its hand at tagging

By November 15, 2005


Republican proposes legal shield for political bloggers

Texas congressman fears rules making political blogging exempt from campaign-finance laws could be changed and wants Congress to enshrine a legal shield in federal law.

By April 4, 2008


Two states to police political sites

By September 27, 2005


Senate endorses retroactive FISA immunity for warrantless wiretapping

Bush wins hard-fought battle after Senate immunizes telecom companies that illegally opened their networks to the Feds. There's a chance a suit against AT&T could continue.

By July 9, 2008


Anti-SOPA forces have ISP snooping bill in their crosshairs

An Internet outcry forced Rep. Lamar Smith to delay a vote on SOPA. Opponents of Smith's ISP snooping bill are hoping they can repeat the process.

By February 3, 2012