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Foursquare signs up five daily-deal sites

If check-in site can target deals based on its users' interests, its mobile and social distribution could potentially trump the e-mail lists and banner ads that daily-deals sites currently rely on.

By July 11, 2011


eBay slipping into fashion daily-deals site

The $200 million purchase of brands4friends is designed to bolster eBay's status as an online outlet for clothing in Europe.

By December 20, 2010


Foursquare joins daily-deals market

The location-based social network has signed deals with LivingSocial, AT&T, and other companies to offer a daily-deals service.

By July 12, 2011


DailyDeal site unleashes itself from Google

The founders of the German daily deals site have bought back the company from Google.

By February 22, 2013


AOL.com rejiggers site with video front and center

The foundation is AOL's network of video partnerships with the likes of ESPN and Vogue and its focus on becoming a video-ad powerhouse.

By April 15, 2014


How to quickly filter your online daily deals

With this quick hack, you can make all your daily e-mails from sites like Groupon, LivingSocial, and Facebook Deals go into one organized place in your e-mail account.

By June 16, 2011


What's the deal with daily deals?

Recent problems at Groupon have people questioning whether the company--and indeed, the daily deals phenomenon it touched off--are showing signs of flaming out. Not so fast.

By September 12, 2011


Yahoo partnering with Woot for new daily deals site

Yahoo and Woot have a new shopping site called Sellout. Get it?

By September 12, 2007


Razer will honour accidental 90% off vouchers on UK site

An accidental voucher could have left UK shoppers irate, but Razer has said it'll honour the 90 per cent off deal.

By April 20, 2013


Google Offers takes on Groupon in daily deal dust-up

Great news for anyone who likes cheap spa days: Google Offers is launching the big G into the world of daily deals.

By January 21, 2011