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Siri co-founder Kittlaus leaves Apple, report says

Dag Kittlaus, who co-founded Siri, the company that created the service that has become a cornerstone of the iPhone 4S, has left Apple.

By October 24, 2011


Gaming social network Raptr hits 6 million users

Raptr has also raised an additional $15 million, led by DAG Ventures and Tenaya Capital. It now has $27 million in funding.

By February 10, 2011


IP theft commission wants to use malware to catch pirates

The Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property has submitted a report to the US Congress proposing anti-piracy measures and is considering the government-sanctioned use of ransomware.

By May 27, 2013


Apple looks to be amping up Siri with hiring binge

The software giant posts several job openings to work with its speech recognition personal assistant that will "help build out new areas of expertise for Siri."

By April 1, 2013


Siri hears her new boss is ex-Amazon exec, report says

Apple's sassy voice assistant has a new boss who used to run Amazon's search technology, a new report claims.

By October 15, 2012


Another Siri co-founder leaves Apple

Adam Cheyer, another co-founder of the sassy voice assistant found in Apple's iPhone and (soon) iPad, has left the company.

By September 11, 2012


Get 1 million Facebook 'Likes' for sex -- and a puppy

In one story, a girl tells a boy she will sleep with him if he gets 1 million Facebook Likes. In another, a dad tells his kids he will get them a puppy for the same "achievement." Is the world demented?

By January 18, 2013


$9 million for SpotMixer's video ad service

One True Media, which makes the small-business-focused SpotMixer ad creation software, has also been named an "authorized reseller" for the video arm of Google's AdWords service.

By January 6, 2009


Apple's Siri might have been called something else

According to one of Siri's creators, late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was not initially enamored with the name.

By March 28, 2012


Boku Accounts enables mobile payments anywhere, anytime

The new service means wireless carriers can sell customers a way to seamlessly make transactions at any credit card terminal with their phones, and no hardware has to be changed.

By February 23, 2012