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So long, Daewoo: GM drops name and logo from So. Korean cars

GM Daewoo Auto & Technology Co. announced today that it is replacing the Daewoo nameplate with Chevrolet for the South Korean market.

By January 20, 2011

Car manufacturer


Korean automaker Daewoo produced cars under its own name from 1983, through its acquisition by GM in 2001, and up to 2011, when GM renamed the company GM Korea. The company focused on low-priced passenger cars.


GM Daewoo eyes role as EV development center

Automotive News reports on GM's Daewoo division's plans for electric vehicle development.

By December 13, 2010


AMD forms global advisory board

Sunnyvale, Calif.-based AMD has assembled a group of academics and other experts from Asia, Europe and Latin America to help the company identify and resolve key challenges in home technology. Members of the Global Consumer Advisory Board include Hideyo Waki, a professor in the Information and Telecommunication Department at Tokyo Denki University; Soonhoon Bae, the former CEO of Daewoo and a visiting professor in the Graduate School of Management at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology; and Carlos Scheel, a professor at the Graduate School of Business (EGADE) of the Monterrey Institute of Technology in Monterrey, Mexico. Since last year, AMD has aggressively been pursuing consumer advocacy programs, grassroots sorts of events and programs engineered to make consumers more familiar with AMD and its technology.

By March 20, 2002


Apple settles suits over iMac knockoffs

Apple Computer says it has concluded its cases against Daewoo and Emachines, stopping the PC manufacturers from selling their iMac look-alikes.

March 8, 2000


Apple files suit over iMac knockoff

Apple sues Future Power and Korean conglomerate Daewoo for a computer released by the companies that looks nearly identical to the colorful iMac.

By July 1, 1999