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12 Super Bowl facts that'll make you sound less clueless on Sunday

Read these tips before heading to a Super Bowl party.

By February 2, 2016


How to make your iPhone 5 more like an iPhone 5S

With a few strategic apps, a little imagination, and perhaps even a dab of paint, you can transform your iPhone 5 into a gold star.

By September 12, 2013


Six smartphone trends that failed miserably

What determines which smartphones soar and which sink? Have a look at six trends that put devices smack dab in the latter camp.

By June 13, 2013


Nokia N8 gets DAB digital radio headset

Nokia's new digital radio headset brings DAB radio to smart phones including the N8, C7, C6-01 and the soon-to-launch E7. It's free when you buy an N8.

By January 21, 2011


Philips CEM2000B and CEM3000B deliver cheap in-car DAB radio

With the government planning to turn off FM and use DAB primary network for radio, you might want to cast your eyes (and ears) on these in-car digital radios from Philips.

By January 13, 2011


Nokia N8 gets DABsolutely fabulous with DAB headset

Nokia has announced a DAB radio headset for the N8 phone and its Symbian 3 stablemates, giving you the choice of a wealth of music and chat on the go.

By October 19, 2010


BBC launches HD radio, DAB has desperate thoughts

DAB is a bit of a whipping boy around here, mainly because its audio quality sucks. The BBC has launched HD radio, which should help, as long as you're on the Internet

By October 19, 2010


Digital radio: all you need to know

Forget about AM and FM, as digital radio (or DAB+) is the way of the future. It features interference-free transmissions, rewind and pause, and track info.

By December 15, 2011


Get an Asus Eee Pad Transformer 10-inch tablet for $299.99

It may not be a $99 TouchPad, but it's not a $499 iPad, either. This powerful Android 3.0 slate is priced smack dab in the middle--but only for today!

By September 26, 2011


Revo K2 radio streams music, resembles tower block

Not only is it a DAB and FM radio, it'll also stream tunes and dock your iPod. And it looks like a tower block. What's not to like?

By September 1, 2011