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Confirmed, finally: D-Wave quantum computer is sometimes sluggish

The D-Wave Two quantum computer clocks in no faster than a standard PC, but those already well-known results still leave us scratching our heads over speed testing.

By June 19, 2014


Sound waves used to move levitating objects in 3D space

Japanese Scientists have used acoustic levitation to not just levitate objects in space, but, incredibly, move them around.

By January 5, 2014


D-Wave's quantum computer ready for latest demo

This story mischaracterized Scott Aaronson's job and Google's relationship with D-Wave. Aaronson is an assistant professor of electrical engineering and computer science at MIT. D-Wave is working with Hartmut Neven, who is a leading expert at Google.

By November 12, 2007


Brain waves control a 3D game for the first time

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have demoed a video game that uses brain waves to fly a virtual helicopter through a 3D level.

By November 1, 2011


3D cameras and camcorders: The first wave

CES 2011 is certain to showcase new 3D-ready cameras and camcorders, but here's what's available today for consumers.

By December 1, 2010


3D cameras and camcorders: The first wave (photos)

Here's the current crop of off-the-shelf solutions for taking and making your own 3D photos and movies.

9 Images By December 1, 2010


Google quantum computer lab to study artificial intelligence

The search giant's new Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab will be home to a new supercomputer from D-Wave Systems.

By May 16, 2013


Google looks to build quantum computer chips

Google's Quantum AI Lab is developing its own hardware for research into quantum computing and machine learning.

By September 3, 2014


Quantum computing firm gets $17 million in cash

D-Wave Systems gets more cash, but it's still in experimental mode and continues to have some skeptics.

By February 1, 2008

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Staples Connect Hub (D-Link Edition)

A pilot program for the office supplier's smart-home hub was successful enough to merit a broader US roll-out, along with new hardware and more partnerships.

June 30, 2014

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