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Best media streamers of 2014

We've limited the list to standalone streaming boxes.


D-Link Boxee Box

The Boxee Box by D-Link has some innovative design choices and a promising user interface, but mainstream content is mostly missing in action until future firmware updates are available.

November 18, 2010

3 stars Editors' rating November 18, 2010

Xbox One gets 3D Blu-ray support, at last, in August update

Mobile purchases, more social connectivity, and yes, 3D Blu-ray playback: Xbox One gets a handful of new perks in a software update coming soon.

By July 18, 2014


Xbox One won't play 3D Blu-rays at launch

Microsoft's console won't be able to play 3D Blu-rays at launch, though the company might add the feature later.

By November 10, 2013


Xbox One won't play 3D Blu-rays -- for now

CNET has confirmed that for better or worse the Xbox One won't play 3D Blu-ray movies at launch.

By November 8, 2013


Top-rated reviews of the week (photos)

This week our editors were busy reviewing a rugged camera that doesn't look rugged, a tiny $99 pico projector for your iPhone, a 3D printer, and an Editors' Choice-winning Toyota Prius.

12 Images By May 12, 2012


Explore 360-degree 3D models of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Get up close and personal with the hottest gaming hardware coming from Microsoft and Sony. Bonus: Chat up aesthetics in the comments.

By June 14, 2013


3D model gets you up close with the Xbox One

Zoom in and out on any part of the Xbox One with this rotatable 3D model from Microsoft.

By May 30, 2013


Xbox One supports 4K and 3D

Microsoft has confirmed that the new console does indeed support Ultra HD for both video and gaming.

By May 23, 2013


Games or no games, D-Box chair revs up

Even at $16,425, it only works with a few titles so far.

By October 18, 2007


Get a D-Link Boxee Box for $119.99

If you're looking for a way to stream premium services like Netflix and Vudu as well as all the videos stored on your hard drive, this set-top Box delivers.

By September 9, 2011