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Saving the Net from the surveillance state: Glenn Greenwald speaks up (Q&A)

The man to whom Edward Snowden entrusted his NSA documents isn't content just to save the Bill of Rights and reinvent journalism. He also wants to stop the Internet from becoming history's most dangerous spy tool.

By December 6, 2013


Hackers reportedly behind U.S. government satellite disruptions

A government report says brief interferences with two Earth-monitoring satellites in recent years could be the work of hackers.

By October 27, 2011


WikiLeaks, Assange feel the heat (roundup)

Whistle-blower site faces heavy criticism and repercussions for publishing extensive details of U.S. military and diplomatic activity. Editor Julian Assange, meanwhile, confronts his own challenges in court.

By February 24, 2011


Amid criticism, WikiLeaks shifts focus

WikiLeaks, which grew out of the cypherpunks list over a decade ago, has left its early days as an informal collaboration far behind.

By October 28, 2010


Wikileaks' estranged co-founder becomes a critic (Q&A)

John Young, editor of document-leaking site Cryptome.org, has switched from being one of Wikileaks biggest fans to one of its prominent critics.

By July 20, 2010