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Want major new aircraft designs? Wait until 2030

Boeing and Airbus are tweaking the tried-and-true instead of going all out for all-new. Here's why the jet-age pizzazz has been grounded.

By July 23, 2014


Memory makeover: DRAM days numbered as Japan eyes MRAM

DRAM has been around a long, long time. Is MRAM the next big memory thing?

By November 24, 2013


A US-made Mac Pro is a token gesture

commentary The Mac Pro is a niche product that Apple can easily afford to make in the US. How about an iPhone or iPad?

By October 23, 2013


Dishwasher buying guide

Everything you need to know about buying a dishwasher, all in one place.

By September 13, 2013


The LP comes of age: Quieter and better-sounding than ever

Quality Record Pressings, in Salina, Kansas, is making the world's best-sounding LPs!

By August 28, 2011


High-end makers keep expanding use of carbon fiber

Automotive News reports on various luxury and sports carmakers relying on carbon fiber.

By October 12, 2010


Muglia on Google, Azure, and the future of Windows Server

In an interview, the head of Microsoft's server software unit talks about what businesses want--and don't want--from the cloud.

By June 8, 2010


GM turns to simulations to speed hybrid development

Automotive News reports on how GM develops hybrid vehicles.

By December 18, 2008


Serial entrepreneurs and today's Silicon Valley

What makes a serial entrepreneur?

By October 29, 2007


Microsoft launches long-awaited updates

SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 upgrades finally released, along with low-cost versions and new BizTalk server. Photos: Ballmer's keynote

By November 7, 2005