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John Kerry says he assumes Russia and China can read his e-mails

Technically Incorrect: Not entirely spreading confidence in Web security, the secretary of state says he's very concerned about cyberterrorism.

By August 12, 2015


Anonymous ready to roll in post-LulzSec world

The hacking group releases information that came apparently from a federal cyberterrorism-defense training program.

By June 27, 2011


Survey: Few companies addressing cyberterrorism

Cyberterrorism has become a growing threat, yet few companies include it in disaster recovery plans or policies and procedures, according to new survey from AFCOM.

By October 28, 2009


Security guru slams misuse of 'cyberterrorism'

Bruce Schneier says at a conference that organizations' abuse of the term is creating a mythical threat.

April 26, 2005


Cyberterror 'overhyped,' security guru says

Officials claiming terrorists pose serious danger to computer networks direct attention away from common criminals, expert says.

By November 23, 2005


Terrorism threat to Net overblown

Security expert Bruce Schneier says the danger from cyberterrorism is "overblown."

By November 23, 2005


Is cyberterrorism a phantom menace?

Gartner's information security and risk research director dismisses cyberterrorism as a "theory."

By November 11, 2003


U.K. airports bolster cybersecurity

The British Airports Authority is investing 23 million pounds in a top-secret programme to combat the threat of cyberterrorism.

June 10, 2005


Cyberterror and professional paranoiacs

The U.S. war on Iraq has begun--now wait for the hype about "cyberwar" and "cyberterrorism" to follow. CNET News.com's Washington Watcher Declan McCullagh says Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge has already gotten the ball rolling.

By March 21, 2003