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Police blotter: Net stalker loses appeal

Man convicted of cyberstalking a television reporter is unable to get out of his 96-month prison sentence.

By August 19, 2005


Short Take: Gore pushes for tougher cyberstalking laws

Vice President Al Gore is calling for tougher state and federal laws to crack down on "cyberstalkers," who use the Internet to harass and threaten people. Gore cited a new Justice Department report, Cyberstalking: A New Challenge for Law Enforcement and Industry, which found that less than one-third of states have antistalking laws covering the Net. The report calls for Web sites to offer people advice about what to do if they're being stalked.

By September 17, 1999


Cyberstalking law snags alleged violator

A Los Angeles area man is the first to be charged under a California "cyberstalking" law that went into effect one year ago.

January 25, 1999