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'Star Trek' Wikia fan portal warps into cyberspace

Roddenberry Entertainment partners with Wikia to launch a portal for "Star Trek" fans with images and audio from the Roddenberry family's personal files.

By April 25, 2013


The Facebook vote and a nation-state in cyberspace

What happens when 3 billion or 5 billion people are all connected through a single entity that seeks to mirror in the digital world how people interact in the real world?

By December 11, 2012


U.S. panel labels China largest cyberspace threat, report says

China is increasingly using hackers to infiltrate U.S. military computers and defense contractors, according to a draft of Congressional report obtained by Bloomberg.

By November 6, 2012


White House drafting plan for cyberspace safety

Looking to make online transactions safer, it drafts a strategy to use trusted and secure identities in cyberspace, and asks for ideas and feedback from the public.

By June 28, 2010


Jessica Biel most 'dangerous' celeb in cyberspace

Online searches for the actress have a one-in-five chance of hitting a Web site with malware, according to a McAfee report.

By August 25, 2009


Report: White House acting cyberspace chief resigns

Melissa Hathaway, who at one point was considered a leading candidate to fill the "cyberczar" post permanently, tells the Wall Street Journal she's resigning for personal reasons.

By August 3, 2009


The Cold War moves to cyberspace

There are battles being waged online between the U.S., China, and Russia.

By April 22, 2009


Carpet bombing networks in cyberspace

The Air Force wants to build an offensive botnet to cripple foreign defenses.

By May 15, 2008


Air Force trains for battles in cyberspace

The Air Force is training 320,000 airmen to use PCs as a counter weapon ready for action in cyberspace.

By January 29, 2008


"Friends" in cyberspace and the need for networked address books

The networked address book needs to be built. Who will do it?

By October 6, 2007