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Hackers make off with at least $300 million in bank heists

With the help of malware, hackers hit more than 100 financial institutions in 30 countries, says a report released to The New York Times by cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab.

By February 14, 2015


Hack of hospital chain leads to theft of up to 4.5M users' data

Community Health Systems is targeted in a massive cyberattack leading to stolen Social Security numbers and patient names and addresses. It's believed the attack originated in China.

By August 18, 2014


Hackers nab 1.2B passwords in colossal breach, says security firm

Russian gang hacks into more than 420,000 web and FTP sites, amassing username and password combinations and millions of email addresses, company says.

By August 5, 2014


Take control of password chaos with these six password managers

With continuing security threats, the days of using the same passwords all the time are over. Grab one of these apps to manage your passwords across your devices and secure your digital life.

By April 18, 2014


Finjan finds botnet of 1.9 million infected computers

Huge botnet hosted in the Ukraine is being used to send spam, record keystrokes, and copy files of infected computers running Windows XP, researchers say.

By April 21, 2009


Week in review: Shake-ups in Silicon Valley

Oracle and Sun announce merger, while Apple apologizes for the Baby Shaker game in its App Store. Also: Insecurity on the Internet.

By April 24, 2009


Adware maker: We were victims of cybergang

180solutions says it was the target of blackmail by Dutch cybercriminals who have been accused of hacking about 1.5 million PCs.

By November 3, 2005


A Russian 'cybergangster' speaks

In an Internet interview, a programmer says increased media attention may force the MPack project to shut down.

By July 20, 2007


Skype could provide botnet controls

Net phone services could allow cybercriminals to launch attacks without being detected, a communications group has warned.

By January 25, 2006


He's got the virus-writing bug

Under the name "Benny," Marek Strihavka wrote computer viruses. Now he's under investigation in connection with the Slammer outbreak.

By January 14, 2005