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Former 'cyberczar' goes corporate

The former acting director of the U.S. National Cyber Security Division has joined the advisory board for a security assessment solutions and services provider.

By October 8, 2008


CNET News Daily Podcast: Waiting for a U.S. cyberczar

CNET News chief political correspondent Declan McCullagh talks about a review just out on the nation's cybersecurity and how the search for a U.S. cyberczar.

By May 29, 2009


Report: White House acting cyberspace chief resigns

Melissa Hathaway, who at one point was considered a leading candidate to fill the "cyberczar" post permanently, tells the Wall Street Journal she's resigning for personal reasons.

By August 3, 2009


Questions ahead for Google's Eric Schmidt

The search king's chief executive only wanted to talk about health care at a conference in Florida. But there are plenty of other topics to discuss.

By February 28, 2008


An open letter to the incoming cyberczar

When he or she takes up the post, CNET News.com's Declan McCullagh has some advice how not to repeat the mistakes of predecessors.

By May 31, 2005


Year in review: Opportunities lost and found

In 2006, there was no shortage of opinion on topics from privacy to energy and the latest technology.

January 1, 2007


Rescinding my applause for Chertoff

U.S. Rep. Zoe Lofgren says the unfilled job of cyberczar--one year after it became vacant--points to a much bigger problem.

July 13, 2006


A cyber con game

A new report got sent to the president, but no matter: The cybersecurity mess won't get fixed, says CNET News.com's Charles Cooper.

By March 25, 2005


Year in review: Lifestyles of the rich and infamous

Technology may seem inherently interesting, but it's still the people behind the hardware and software who make the best stories.

December 26, 2004


Year in review: Politicos in the crosshairs

year in review From Vint Cerf to Dan Bricklin and beyond, ken eyes offered insights into the issues of the day.

December 25, 2004