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Cyber Security Alliance chief: We're all connected (podcast)

In observance of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Larry Magid chats with National Cyber Security Alliance Executive Director Michael Kaiser and introduces "A Parents' Guide to Cyber Security."

By October 1, 2013


Senators soften latest cyber security measure

Lawmakers remove regulatory aspects and add privacy protections for information sharing, in a bid to get Republican approval for legislation aimed at protecting critical infrastructure from cyberattacks.

By July 19, 2012


DHS stays mum on new 'Cyber Security' center

Bush administration refuses to divulge details about DHS's new National Cyber Security Center, saying information is "classified" and could harm the "interests of our nation" if released.

By July 31, 2008


Symantec releases online cyber-security quiz

It's an odd bid to get some attention by one of the leaders in computer security since it poses interesting questions, but doesn't vary at all if you play multiple times.

By January 8, 2008


Get a free year of password manager RoboForm Everywhere

From the Cheapskate: Once again, to help "celebrate" National Cyber Security Awareness Month, you can get this freebie worth $19.95.

By October 26, 2015


Get a free year of RoboForm Everywhere

Happy National Cyber Security Awareness Month, everyone! In lieu of cake, you get this freebie worth $19.95.

By October 7, 2014


Legal, regulatory risks keep firms from sharing cyber threat data

A new report suggests that companies should be protected from threat of lawsuit or regulation enforcement if they are sharing cyber security threat information with the government.

By July 19, 2012


FCC chairman calls on ISPs to help fight cyber attacks

Cyber security is a growing problem that threatens the U.S. economy, and FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski says broadband providers can help protect the public.

By February 22, 2012


Ep. 934: Where portable gaming is undead

Leaked from today's 404 Podcast: more on the death of portable gaming, Coldplay pulls new album off streaming sites, Facebooks' massive cyber-security, Siri misinterpreting Scottish accents, Occupy Wall Street domain squatting, and the new Beavis and Butthead debuts tonight!

By October 27, 2011


Ep. 1523: Global cyber cold war imminent?

On today's show, security researchers report that Anonymous and LulzSec are, if anything, just distracting us with their antics while the true threat is a years-long cyberwarfare campaign that's stolen everything from private intellectual property to high-level government secrets. So, that'll probably lead to some reasoned and logical cyber-security discussions, no? No. Also, is the Amazon App Store screwing developers, and are you finally getting what you pay for, broadband-wise?

By August 3, 2011