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The U.N. vs. the Internet: The fight escalates

The House is expected to advance a resolution condemning efforts by the U.N. to insert itself into governance of the Internet. But some interpret leaked documents as suggesting that the U.S. is being far too tepid in its responses to a key international communications treaty being negotiated in secret.

By June 19, 2012


iPad 2 battery test exhausts us both

The iPad 2 promises epic battery life in a wafer-thin case. But is it possible it can live up to its 10-hour claims? We stayed up all night to find out.

By March 25, 2011


Report: Conficker worm beaten but not gone

In a report on its battle against the persistent piece of malware, the Conficker Working Group says it was able to take down Conficker, but the worm itself still resides on millions of computers.

By January 25, 2011