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ESPN: NFL's highest-paid player describes Surface as an iPad knockoff

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler says, despite Microsoft's NFL sponsorship, that he has no idea who makes the Surface tablets or what they're called, ESPN reports.

By October 14, 2014


Dave Cutler moves to the Xbox: What he brings to the job

Dave Cutler, the father of Windows NT, has moved to Microsoft's Xbox team. But what, exactly, might he have planned for his new job?

By January 19, 2012


NFL star: I got death threats on Twitter

Maurice Jones-Drew of the Jacksonville Jaguars posts comments critical of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. In response, Twitter posters threaten his life, as well as wishing him injury.

By January 26, 2011


Short Take: Eaton to spin off chip unit

Eaton, which manufactures technology for the automotive, aerospace, construction and semiconductor industries, plans to spin off its chip equipment business into a separate unit, Eaton Semiconductor Equipment, in an initial public offeringt. Eaton today also promoted president and chief operating officer Alexander Cutler to chief executive officer and chairman, replacing Stephen Hardis in July.

April 26, 2000