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Google Glass reportedly says no way to cussing

Google's new high-tech eye wear apparently won't recognize profane words.

By May 1, 2013


&$@#! Periodic table of swearing cusses you out

Expand your curse word vocabulary with the $78,500 Interactive Periodic Table of Swearing. The one-off creation is covered in push buttons that trigger expletives from a refined British voice.

By January 26, 2012


IRL Shooter bringing Patient 0 to Sydney

IRL Shooter is bringing its real-life zombie-shooter event to Sydney in 2014, with tickets to go on sale soon.

By December 2, 2013


F-bombs away! Twitter map tracks curses in real time

A new interactive site displays where, and how often, people around the world use the F-word on Twitter. Looks like New York is really effed up.

By November 9, 2013


Oh, for the love of Twitter

Why oh why won't anyone learn that Twitter is a veritable hotbed of PR disaster?

By March 27, 2012


How Google's Nexus One censors cuss words

The built-in voice-to-text feature on Google's new Nexus One phone replaces rude utterances with hash marks.

By January 23, 2010


Buzz Out Loud 1535: HP: WebOS? What WebOS? (Podcast)

If you stood by believing all of HP's grand proclamations about standing by WebOS and supporting it to the end, you're finding out the hard way that love really does hurt. A lot. Plus, we discuss whether HP really can make it in the post-PC world, and whether this was or wasn't the best week Microsoft has had in a long time. Also, we invent the Mail Truck Alternative to waiting 8 days for online TV, dish out some love advice on Computer Love, and find out why "kids" is apparently a dirty word.

By August 19, 2011


Crave Podcast 105: The Great Game Robbery

It's podcast friday, y'all! Episode 105 is brought to you by Rory Reid, Ian Morris and newcomer Marian Smith. Don't adjust your podcatchers, there's nothing wrong with her voice -- she's just American

By October 3, 2008


I'm a traitor

Currently, my N95 is a ball and paddle game, a pedometer, a GPS system, an iPod killer, a TV substitute and most importantly of all, a lightsaber

By February 6, 2008


Ex-'Screw' mag publisher hawks Booble porn search

Al Goldstein was once the famous (and famously hated) publisher of the smut magazine Screw. Now the onetime multimillionaire and foul-mouthed sex celeb has turned his talents to hawking the Booble.com adult search engine.

By August 3, 2007