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How to get sharp macro shots with focus stacking

Focus stacking is a technique that will give your macro shots much sharper focus. Here's how to get started with a dSLR.

By May 22, 2014


Adobe launches Photoshop-Lightroom subscription

Through the end of 2013, those who bought Photoshop CS3 or later can use Adobe's photo-editing tools for $10 a month, but not everyone is pleased. Also: Lightroom 5.2 ships with new "smoothness" adjustment.

By September 18, 2013


Adobe competitors pounce after subscription backlash

Companies like Corel, Xara, Nitro, Nuance, and Pixelmator are taking advantage of customers' displeasure with Adobe's shift from selling Creative Suite perpetual licenses to Creative Cloud subscriptions.

By June 14, 2013


Corel tries to lure disgruntled Adobe users

Following protests from Adobe users over the company's move to subscription-based software, Corel is offering Adobe customers a discount on a range of products.

By May 21, 2013


Adobe issues Photoshop CS4 patch, urges users to update

Issues in Adobe's Photoshop Creative Suite 4 image-editing software were found to be critical enough that it could let hackers take control of affected Mac.

By June 1, 2010


Adobe patches 'critical' holes in Photoshop CS4

The ability to add brushes, color swatches, and other customizations left an older version of Adobe's image-editing software vulnerable to attack.

By May 27, 2010


Survey: Adobe discount draws customers to subscription plan

Cutting the Creative Cloud subscription price 40 percent to $30 a month is a big draw -- but what'll happen at full price? Also: Photoshop and Illustrator get Retina support.

By December 10, 2012


Adobe adds Lightroom to Creative Cloud subscription

Part of Adobe's sales pitch for its subscription plan is that more products and services will be added. Lightroom 4.1 is the first such expansion.

By June 26, 2012


Adobe Creative Cloud gets you Photoshop and more for £40

Adobe Creative Cloud lets you pay a monthly subscription fee to use Adobe software including Photoshop, Illustrator, and more.

By May 11, 2012


Adobe launches Creative Cloud subscription service

The subscription service to CS6 software such as Photoshop, mobile apps, and online services is now live -- as is a potentially more stable business for Adobe.

By May 11, 2012