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Leadtek WinFast TV (2000/XP)

Update Windows driver for your Leadtek WinFast TV2000 card.

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USB to Serial Port

Ports driver

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Develop visual thinking tools that help build learning foundation for students.

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ArcGIS Explorer

Access online GIS content and capabilities.

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Translational Research

Official Journal of the Central Society for Clinical and Translational Research.

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CEP Research

The Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) is a nonprofit organization focused on helping foundations to be higher-performing. Our mission is to...


SEO Toolbar

Search the number of inbound links to the site, choosing from nine search engines.

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SiS 7018 Audio Driver

MEDIA driver

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Google search is about to get a lot smarter

The company's go-to guy for artificial intelligence is taking over its biggest business as its current search boss retires.

By February 3, 2016


Alphabet? Google? Either way, it's ready to rumble

Google has always been light-years ahead of its time, thanks to its unconventional co-founders. They're shaking things up, again.

By January 29, 2016


Bitcoin gains support of cryptography think tank

Coin Center, a newly created research and advocacy center, will focus on public policy issues faced by the virtual currency.

By September 22, 2014


Researchers find flaw in key generation with popular cryptography

Small percentage of public keys in sample found online were not randomly generated as they should be, paper says.

By February 14, 2012


Quantum crypto cracked, researchers say

Researchers claim to have cracked the quantum cryptography equipment used to cloak highly sensitive communications by banks and defense agencies.

By September 1, 2010


How one company stays safe with two networks

Cryptography Research dodges computer attacks by having employees do Web surfing and e-mail on one network and sensitive work on another that's not connected to the Internet.

By March 30, 2010


CNET Live--Episode 99

Paul Kocher from Cryptography Research gives us the lowdown on botnets and just what we need to be afraid of.

By April 23, 2009


Smart card tamper-proofing tools for license

Cryptography Research is licensing its technology for blocking differential power analysis, or DPA, attacks.

By November 1, 2004


The crypto whiz

Cryptography Research President Paul Kocher sees a long, hard slog between the good guys and the bad guys--and how it plays out will surely affect you.

By April 28, 2004


Company to license device-security tools

Cryptography Research has obtained more than 60 patents for its technology that protects devices from decryption attacks.

By April 18, 2004