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Cryptographers assemble! Mystery text found in 16th-century Homer

The University of Chicago Library is seeking help identifying mysterious marginalia found in a rare 16th-century edition of Homer's "Odyssey."

By April 28, 2014


Cryptographers assemble! Mystery text found in 16th century Homer

The University of Chicago Library is seeking help to identify mysterious marginalia found in a rare 16th century edition of Homer's Odyssey.

By April 27, 2014


Cryptographer creates Blackphone to "ensure privacy"

Phil Zimmerman, creator of PGP, will reveal the Android-based Blackphone at Mobile World Congress in February.

By January 15, 2014


Tech titans join forces to stop the next Heartbleed

The Linux Foundation's new Core Infrastructure Initiative creates a virtual Justice League of the biggest tech firms to ensure that open-source code gets the cryptographic scrutiny that it desperately needs.

By April 24, 2014


Cryptographers speak of threats, voting, and Blu-Ray rumors

Annual cryptographers' panel at RSA conference offers insights into the coming year.

By April 8, 2008


ShoZu's hieroglyphics prove you're human

When setting up a ShoZu account online, translating a cryptographic security code separates humans from bots.

By November 8, 2007


Crypto research under fire in U.K. suit

A lawsuit over possibly fraudulent withdrawals from cash machines in London could gag academic research into the vulnerabilities of banks' cryptographic systems.

By February 21, 2003


Cryptographer slams NT security

A cryptographer says Microsoft's version of a key protocol in Windows NT is so flawed that users should avoid using VPN software based on PPTP.

June 2, 1998


Europeans slam U.S. crypto policy

No nation or region should dictate cryptographic regulations, two Europeans tell the RSA Data Security conference.

January 13, 1998


Short Take: Raptor ships NT firewall

Raptor Systems has released version 5.0 of its Eagle firewall software on Windows NT. It supports virtual private networks, facilitates cryptographic key management, blocks objectionable sites, and incorporates Finjan's Java applet inspection. NT pricing ranges from $3,995 to $15,000, and a Unix version is due to ship by March. Raptor is being acquired by Axent Technologies.

December 9, 1997