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Samsung's CRTs keep wide-screen HDTV affordable

Samsung's CRTs keep wide-screen HDTV affordable and releases three new models.

By January 8, 2007


Onkyo HTX-22HD: Three is a magic number

Gurt massive CRTs with built-in decoder and speakers have gone the way of the dodo, so here's a quality 2.1 system with a combined amp and sub to make your puny flatscreen sound good

By October 2, 2008


When a 17-inch monitor goes for $5,000

LCD is designed for professional video and photo editing once capable only on huge CRTs.

By February 21, 2008


CRTs still in the race

CNET News.com's Erica Ogg talks with customers looking for new sets to see if CRTs are as unpopular as retailers say they are.

November 1, 2007


Don't bury the tube TV quite yet

As consumers continue to scoop up CRTs, it appears the reports of the demise of the old-style sets have been greatly exaggerated. Photos: Defenders of the CRT

By February 23, 2007


LG.Philips Displays ups production of slim CRTs

Company is increasing production of thin CRTs as it looks to compete against makers of flat-panel televisions.

By December 7, 2004


Photo: CRTs getting skinnier

CRT makers have developed slim sets to better compete with flat-panel televisions.

December 2, 2004


LCD production in China to eclipse CRTs

For the first time, China will produce more LCD monitors this year than conventional CRTs.

By November 23, 2004


Flat panels to outpace CRTs in 2004

For the first time, global shipments of liquid crystal displays this year will surpass those of cathode ray tube units, as LCD prices drop into a comfort zone for mainstream PC users.

February 19, 2004