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Scout adds crowdsourced incident reporting to nav apps

The latest update to this navigation app helps users find fun things to do, share those things with friends, and avoid traffic along the way.

By July 19, 2013


Edward Snowden gets crowdsourced support

Campaigns are underway online to raise support -- and cash -- for the recently revealed source who leaked details of the NSA's PRISM program.

By June 10, 2013


Crowdsourced photo project to reconstruct Melbourne

A new research project is crowdsourcing photos of Melbourne taken with a dedicated app to help construct a vision of the city's past and present appearance.

By May 21, 2013


FBI seeks crowdsourcing help in Boston bombing case: ID these two men!

In a high-profile effort at high-tech crowdsourcing: the FBI wants the public's help in identifying two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing.

By April 18, 2013


Crowdsourcing or witch hunt? Reddit, 4chan users try to ID Boston bomb suspects

Social-media users take the FBI's request for photo clues one step further by attempting to ID suspects without hard evidence or legal procedure.

By April 17, 2013


Crowdsourced videos, photos could aid Boston blast investigations

Those who recorded what happened before two fatal blasts at the Boston Marathon could have been gathering evidence, not just capturing memories.

By April 15, 2013


Mom crowdsources baby name for $5,000

In conjunction with Web site Belly Ballot, a Los Angeles mom is asking random strangers to choose what her baby will be called. How about "Troubled?"

By February 28, 2013


Egypt accused of crowdsourcing censorship

Reports suggest that the country's National Telecommunications Registry Agency is asking ordinary citizens to find blasphemous material online. Is this revolutionary?

By February 21, 2013


Swype crowdsourcing words for 'living' dictionary

To keep up with the head-spinning pace of modern language, Swype is now turning to its users to help populate a "living" dictionary.

By January 7, 2013


Crowdsourced navigation app Waze gets more social

Version 3.5 of the navigation program allows users to see friends driving in their direction, share updates about ETA, pick up friends, and sign in via Facebook. Because, of course, drivers don't have enough distractions.

By October 31, 2012