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32 down: How Google celebrates 100 years of crosswords

Google commemorates a century of puzzle-fueled procrastination with a playable doodle of its own.

By December 20, 2013


Inside the enigma: The tech behind an escape room

Locked in a room with 60 minutes to escape by solving a series of puzzles, escape rooms are the live-action gaming trend taking over the world. But forget jigsaws and crosswords -- the games have gone high tech.

By March 12, 2015


USA Today's 'secret' crossword-puzzle app for iPad

The iPad's big screen makes it an ideal home for crosswords, and USA Today's app serves up all the puzzles you can play--no extra charge.

By November 4, 2010


Mobile gaming: a new hope

The last few years have been rough on gaming development in Australia, but while the larger studios are closing their doors, one sub-sector just keeps on getting stronger: mobile gaming.

By December 14, 2011


Trial coverage in the live-blog era: No more crosswords

Life has changed dramatically for a reporter who is live-blogging the murder trial of programmer Hans Reiser and can now turn to his laptop, instead of puzzles, during downtime.

By March 3, 2008


Amazon plots Kindle app store: Hungover commuters rejoice

By the end of the year, crossword and Sudoku apps will mean the alcohol-soaked brains of commuters need no longer wrestle with War and Peace on the train

By January 22, 2010


AutoExec WM-01 Wheelmate: Computing has never been more exciting

If you can't bear to be apart from Facebook on those long road trips, cast an eye on this steering-wheel desk tray, which lets you use your laptop in the car

By November 18, 2009


Fun and games with Opera 10 widgets

Opera 10 is available now, so if you're new to the Opera browser, you might want some widgets to extend its functionality. We have some fun widgets for you to check out.

By September 2, 2009


This week in Crave: The Snow-in-summer edition

Too busy following in the tracks of Snow Leopard this week to keep up-to-the-minute on the rest of the Crave goings-on? Don't fret. Here are a few of the stories you missed.

By August 29, 2009


Sudoku fans: Try these gnarly KenKen puzzles

The New York Times offers modest-sized KenKen puzzles, but Sudoku fans looking for a larger-scale challenge now have a new online option.

By January 26, 2009