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Wildling wannabes, make a crossbow from office supplies

Opportunity is a-knockin' for cube-dwelling "Game of Thrones" fans. Learn to shoot a mini-crossbow in a way that would make Ygritte proud.

By June 10, 2014


Homefront: The Revolution's co-op campaign promises Dark Souls-levels of difficulty

Form a four-man freedom fighter cell and reclaim America with customizable weapons, open-ended tactics, and a free year of downloadable content.

By January 25, 2016


Finally, a working hoverboard you can make yourself, Ep. 186

This week on Crave, we become DIY dentists with Toothscan. We learn to build a crossbow lightsaber like the one pictured in the new "Star Wars" trailer. And while you have your DIY cap on, why not learn to build a hoverboard out of common yard gear. It's DIY day on Crave.

By December 12, 2014


Wii Zapper to include Zelda crossbow game

Nintendo has announced that it will bundle a Duck Hunt-esque Zelda shooting game with its Zapper peripheral

By September 11, 2007


Wii Zapper to include Zelda-themed crossbow game when it ships in November

Nintendo will include Link's Crossbow Training with the $20 Wii Zapper when it ships in November.

By September 10, 2007


Exposed: Crossbow, next-gen Windows Mobile OS

Exposed: Crossbow, next-gen Windows Mobile OS

By October 9, 2006


A must-have for the would-be Robin Hood

Crossbow for the Wii even has a laser sight.

By March 10, 2008


Xytrans pulls in $8 million

Xytrans has raised $8 million in a second round of funding led by SpaceVest, along with participation from Grace Venture Partners. The recent round also included contributions from investors in the company's $4.5 million first round such as Alliance Technology Ventures, Crossbow Ventures, Sawtek and Stonehenge Capital. Xytrans will use the new financing to expand its sales efforts and develop new products. The Orlando, Fla.-based company makes chips and components for wireless gear that is used in satellite communication networks. Xytrans has exclusive licensing rights to technology from Lockheed Martin, a major supplier of equipment to the U.S. military.

May 28, 2002


Digital Envoy raises $10.5 million

Digital Envoy announced a $10.5 million first round of funding that included investments from Siemens Venture Capital, AOL Time Warner Ventures and H&Q Asia Pacific. Atlanta-based Digital Envoy announced several weeks ago that it had raised its first round of funding from Frontier Capital, Cordova Ventures and CrossBow Ventures. The company was not able to name its strategic partners, since the money was not in hand, said co-founder Sanjay Parekh. Digital Envoy's software is designed to enable companies to gather geographic information about customers and their connection speeds. A company can then automatically send targeted ads to those customers connected to the Internet from a specific city and provide appropriate graphics and information based on the connection speed being used. See complete list.

By August 14, 2001


OmniCluster raises $10 million

OmniCluster Technologies announced on Tuesday it received a $10 million first round of funding led by HIG Ventures. Other investors included Mellon Ventures and CrossBow Ventures. Boca Raton, Fla.-based OmniCluster designs hardware and software that links servers together so they can perform as one unit. OmniCluster's customers use its technology for such tasks as Web serving, firewalls and distributing processing power. See complete list.

By June 5, 2001