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Samsung inks patent cross-licensing pact with Cisco

The agreement marks the latest collaboration among tech giants. In the past weeks, Samsung also reached deals with Google and Ericsson.

By February 5, 2014


Google, Samsung strike patent cross-licensing deal

The two companies are pretty vague about the terms but take veiled shots at Apple.

By January 26, 2014


AMD shrugs off Intel cross-licensing threat

An executive at the chipmaker dismisses Intel's recent words as a media blitz and says that the issue has since "died down."

By May 16, 2009


Microsoft, Lexmark to cross-license patents

Software giant and printer maker Lexmark enter a patent cross-licensing agreement, designed to encompass a wide swath of their products.

By March 17, 2009


Microsoft signs cross-license pact with Onkyo

The Japanese firm is just the latest to ink such a deal with Redmond. The audio/visual gear maker also licenses the Windows Rally technology for connecting PCs and consumer electronics.

By March 20, 2008


Samsung, Sony cross-license their patents

The enemy of my enemy is me, but there's no reason to go to court over the issue. That's the essence of the patent license.

By December 14, 2004


Truce time: Apple, Google's Motorola dismiss patent suits against each other

The two handset vendors agreed to settle existing lawsuits but don't cross-license each other's technology.

By May 16, 2014


Verizon ponies up $250M to settle with TiVo

The agreement, which runs into 2018, also includes a cross-license provision for both companies' advanced television patents.

By September 24, 2012


Intel to pay AMD $1.25 billion in antitrust settlement

AMD drops its litigation while Intel agrees to "abide by" a long list of prohibitions. And renewed patent cross-license agreement frees AMD to spin off chip manufacturing.

By November 12, 2009


Google joins open-source patent network

Membership in Open Invention Network will see it agree to cross-license open source-related patents to other members for free.

By August 8, 2007