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Microsoft to open flagship store in New York on October 26

In addition to its new five-floor location in Manhattan, Microsoft says it will open its first international flagship store in Sydney on November 12.

By September 30, 2015


The .GIFYs recognize incredible time-wasting GIFs

The first-ever awards for animated GIFs are live and accepting votes on the most memorable GIFs featuring cats, celebrities, cats, sports stars, cats, goofy dancing, and cats, just for starters.

By January 24, 2014


Tetris LED tie: Dress for retro-gaming success

A teacher hacks together a glowing LED tie full of falling Tetris blocks for an unabashed display of nerdy neckwear.

By June 26, 2013


Backblaze shares third-gen storage server design

Want to launch your own high-capacity networked storage infrastructure? Backblaze just shared its new 180-terabyte Storage Pod design.

By February 20, 2013


Brace yourself: Microsoft Surface ad barrage may start tonight

It sounds like it's time for Microsoft to finally start sharing more information, beginning with TV ads and a new official Surface blog, about its coming tablets and PCs.

By October 15, 2012


Microsoft bakes Xbox Music into Windows 8

The software giant sets its sights on Spotify and Pandora, making its new streaming music service the default way to hear tunes in Windows 8. The service will extend to mobile phones and its video game console.

By October 14, 2012


New Zynga game The Ville allows virtual sex

Casual game is the most grown-up and realistic yet in the company's franchise.

By June 26, 2012


Vitamin Water offers juice for your phone

Bus shelter ads featuring charging ports are part of the company's campaign to emphasize that the drink provides a quick boost on the go.

By July 18, 2011


Microsoft launching new ad campaign tonight

The software giant's new ads are an extension of its "I'm a PC" campaign. Though it won't divulge its total investment, the ads will run through the holiday shopping season.

By May 9, 2011


Get an 8GB flash drive for $4.50 shipped

That's the after-rebate price, but it's still the best deal I've ever seen on an 8GB drive. Too good to pass up, if you ask me!

By April 26, 2011