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Using GPS to track exactly where cats creep

Cats tend to lead double lives, sometimes disappearing for long periods of time without a hint of where they went. CNET's Sumi Das explains how one owner used GPS and other tracking devices to spy on her cat after a mysterious five-week disappearance.

By Apr. 16, 2013


Your move, creep: Researchers building RoboCop policeman

Florida International University is trying to build a remote-operated law enforcement robot that will be controlled by disabled police officers. Would you like a bot on the beat?

By Sep. 28, 2012


'Censorship creep': Pirate Bay block will affect one-third of U.K.

Nearly 10 years ago, "Cleanfeed" was designed to protect the British public from child abuse imagery. A decade later, the same system is used to enforce ISP blocks on sites like The Pirate Bay. How did the U.K. fall into "censorship creep"?

By Jun. 16, 2012


LED bulbs creep into the home (photos)

Lighting manufacturers have improved the light quality and output of LED bulbs for general lighting, which opens up more options for efficient lighting.

11 Images By Sep. 13, 2010


LED lights creep toward mainstream in 2010

Tech improvements are making energy-efficient LEDs more attractive for consumers, but the high upfront price is a persistent barrier, according to pair of studies.

By Dec. 16, 2009


OpenOffice's apparent mission creep

OpenOffice can't even effectively battle Microsoft Office. Why would it even think of taking on Outlook?

By Oct. 14, 2007


Latest quad-core chips creep into consumer desktops

Processors boasting lower power and more transistors from Intel and Advanced Micro Devices are being added to PCs from Hewlett-Packard and Gateway.

By Apr. 29, 2008


LED backlights creep into LCD monitors

LED backlights creep into LCD monitors

By Jan. 6, 2006


New and Noteworthy: Mac 'clones' creep back on the streets; Apple upgrades .Mac file-sharing

New and Noteworthy: Mac 'clones' creep back on the streets; Apple upgrades .Mac file-sharing

By May. 10, 2006


Dell up next as Intel 45-nanometer chips creep into laptops

Intel's "Penryn" mobile processors were announced a month ago but have been slow to make their way into top-tier notebook lineups.

By Feb. 5, 2008