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Creative's Bluetooth PC speakers deliver impressive sound for their size

Creative's diminutive Bluetooth PC speaker system, the Inspire S2, delivers impressive sound for such a compact package.

By March 16, 2010


YouTube and the new creative class

On the video site's fifth birthday, YouTube new-media honcho Kevin Yen notes the emergence of the youthful, do-it-yourself media mogul. A key driver: monetization.

By May 17, 2010


Is Creative's 3rd-generation Vado HD pocket camcorder a bargain?

Though the Creative Vado HD 3rd Gen doesn't do quite enough to distinguish itself from the competition, it does offer some nice improvements over earlier Vado HD models that keep it relevant in the pocket camcorder space.

By January 19, 2010


Creative ships ZiiSound D5 Bluetooth speaker

Creative's new flagship wireless speaker is now shipping for $299.

By April 28, 2010


Creativity explodes on Chatroulette

From a piano player serenading strangers to a Canadian indie band announcing its next album, the popular Internet service has become a place where artists, musicians and game players can be truly inspired.

By March 26, 2010


Adobe preannounces Creative Suite 5

Since there's nothing more embarrassing than having a big ol' Web event where no one shows up, Adobe has decided to tell the world that it plans to announce CS5 on April 12 to make sure you can all make it to Adobe TV at 8am PT.

By March 23, 2010


The speed of technology's 'creative destruction'

The Internet, built on open source, may well hasten the creation and demise of tech start-ups, but companies focused on long-term customer value will thrive.

By December 10, 2009


Get a Creative Vado HD pocket camcorder for $60

Lowest. Price. Ever! Sellout risk: huge! Amazingly, this 720p pocket cam is brand new, not a refurb, so it comes with a full one-year warranty from Creative.

By March 17, 2010


Crowdsourcing the creative

For Wired UK's "Work Smarter" issue (just released), I had the pleasure to speak with John Winsor, co-founder and CEO of Victors & Spoils (V&S), the world's first creative (ad) agency built on crowdsourcing principles.

By March 6, 2010


Get a Creative Vado HD 2nd-gen camcorder for $79.99

The catch, if you can call it that, is the box, which may be dented, scratched, or something. But the Vado itself is new, untouched, and backed by a full warranty.

By February 26, 2010