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Devious Dungeon

Devious Dungeon is a great hack-and-slash dungeon crawler that's perfect for those who long for the simpler platform games of the past.

By Mar. 12, 2014

4.5 stars Editor's rating Mar. 12, 2014

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CodeCombat: Learn to code through dungeon crawling

Browser game CodeCombat teaches you how to code in Javascript by having you input the commands to play a game.

By Feb. 19, 2014


Old-school graphics, but plenty of dungeon-crawling action (pictures)

Devious Dungeon on iOS gives you fun and addictive hack-and-slash gameplay on your iOS device.

5 Images By Mar. 12, 2014


Why are those headphone-wearing New Yorkers crawling?

For its latest bit of street theater, "prank collective" Improv Everywhere has participants following the silly prompts of an omnipotent voice delivering commands via MP3 file.

By Jul. 22, 2013


Nintendo back in profit but Wii U and 3DS sales crawling

Nintendo's profits are up, but sales of its latest consoles are below expectations, with just a few thousand Wii Us selling each day.

By Apr. 24, 2013


Crawling bot glows, camouflages itself with dye

DARPA's soft-bodied walkers, developed by engineers at Harvard University, can stand out or blend in with their environment, and may take on military tasks.

By Aug. 18, 2012


Wire-crawling robots could inspect power lines

Bots developed at the Electric Power Research Institute will crawl along power lines to check for defects. But they look a little too much like UFOs.

By Jun. 11, 2010


Google reveals scope of Web-crawling task

Multiple times each day, Google recomputes the relative ranking of the world's Web sites. And it must index several billion new Web pages added daily.

By Jul. 25, 2008


Crablike robot walks on walls, ceilings with magnet feet

BIREM can go from horizontal to vertical surfaces and could be used to inspect aging bridges and other steel structures.

By Dec. 20, 2013