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Woz thought Jobs film script 'crap', turned down work offer

Steve Wozniak has offered up some more thoughts on the first Steve Jobs film, and they're not all positive.

By January 27, 2013


AT&T's New York network is 'crap,' T-Mobile CEO says

While touting plans to roll out its own LTE network, T-mobile's CEO John Legere offered a less-than-complimentary assessment of its rival.

By January 9, 2013


Clean up your Windows right-click menu with CCleaner

Tired of the laundry list in your right-click menu? Easily fix it with a new feature in CCleaner.

By July 26, 2012


Amaysim to 'cut the crap' out of mobile call costs

A new virtual mobile operator today launched its operations in Australia, offering a service without contracts and calling costs minus flagfall.

By November 22, 2010


How to run CCleaner automatically

CCleaner won't run itself, unless you tell Windows to make it do so.

By February 16, 2012


What to do when your smartphone craps out before the contract ends

Ask Maggie offers some advice so that you aren't stuck with a broken smartphone before your wireless contract expires.

By December 20, 2011


World Toilet Day raises water awareness with Flush Tracker crap map

Today is World Toilet Day, highlighting some humbling facts about world health and sanitation -- and putting your crap on a map.

By November 19, 2010


Holy crap! Scientists create pooping robot

Bristol Robotics Laboratory boffins threaten to unleash their EcoBot-III pooping robot on the world. The Ig Nobel Prize is in the bag.

By July 21, 2010


Apple iPad survey: "It'll be crap at first"

The UK release of the Apple iPad coming up fast, we asked our readers what they think of the new tablet and Apple in general

By March 18, 2010


Jobs: Google's 'Don't be evil' is a 'load of crap', Adobe is 'lazy'

Steve Jobs really let rip at Adobe and Google in particular at a 'town hall' company meeting following the launch of the iPad last week

By February 1, 2010