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Covisint demos Google Glass, personal profiles for cars

Data connectivity and security provider Covisint demonstrated how it could transfer personal preferences between cars.

By January 13, 2014


Facing the pain of passwords

We all use passwords constantly and hate having to remember them all. Alas, they're not going away anytime soon. Here are some tools that may help.

By July 15, 2008


Compuware takes wheel from Covisint

Software maker Compuware has signed a deal to buy the remaining nonauction assets of Covisint, a defunct online marketplace for the automotive industry.

By February 5, 2004


Covisint to sell auction business

The struggling online marketplace for suppliers and manufacturers in the automotive industry wants to concentrate on its supplier portals and data messaging services.

By December 31, 2003


Covisint CEO steps down after one year

The company will get its third executive officer in two years, as it struggles to remain relevant in the wake of the dot-com collapse.

By May 2, 2003


Ford scraps Oracle-based procurement system

Automaker dumps Everest procurement system to revert to older technologies.

By August 18, 2004


Compuware asks court to punish IBM

Software maker says Big Blue kept hold of key evidence to delay a resolution to a long-running legal spat over copyrighted code.

By August 18, 2004


Reborn Model N finds life in biotech

The software maker, founded by an industry veteran during the heat of the business-to-business boom, redefines itself to tackle the biotech market.

By February 11, 2004


Ariba to buy FreeMarkets for $493 million

The software maker will hand over $493 million in stock and cash for the business-to-business services company, a deal that underlines the rapid consolidation in the enterprise software industry.

By January 23, 2004


Covisint CEO steps down

Kevin English, chief executive of the auto industry's online marketplace, will be replaced by a former General Motors vice president, the company announces.

By June 28, 2002