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Beware: MacBook Webcams can be used to covertly spy on people

When Miss Teen USA was remotely spied on via the built-in iSight camera on her laptop, the warning light indicating the camera was in use was never triggered.

By Dec. 18, 2013


CIA declassifies covert details on the secretive Area 51

Debunking many conspiracy theories, a massive 355-page declassified report details the birth of Area 51 and the U-2 spy planes developed and tested there.

By Aug. 15, 2013


Google faces UK legal threat over 'covert' Safari tracking

A UK law firm is says Google should be "accountable" and is looking for cash from the search giant.

By Jan. 28, 2013


UK police using covert tech to surveil cell phones?

Britain's Metropolitan Police force is reportedly using secret surveillance technology that can shut off mobile phones and intercept communications. Could the U.S. be using similar tech?

By Oct. 31, 2011


SUV nuke detector will avert covert attack, company claims

SUV-mounted mobile nuclear radiation detection system protects sunshine state.

By May. 22, 2009


Take covert photos and get a tan too

Spy sunglasses have a built-in 1.3-megapixel camera.

By Mar. 17, 2008


New & Noteworthy: Wi-Fi covert activity;

New & Noteworthy: Wi-Fi covert activity;

By May. 31, 2002