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Post-Apple, Macworld courts developers 30 years on

Apple hasn't made a product announcement at the venerable trade show since 2009. As the event turns 30 years old, it looks to its future and place among other conferences.

By Mar. 29, 2014


China Telecom courts iPhone buyers ahead of China Mobile launch

China's third-largest mobile carrier reportedly cuts $132 off the price of the 16GB iPhone 5S through price reductions and gift packages.

By Jan. 7, 2014


Microsoft courts HTC for Windows Phone alongside Android

Microsoft is courting HTC for more Windows Phone smart phones, which could serve up Windows Phone 8 alongside Android.

By Oct. 4, 2013


Facebook courts ad dollars with social data on TV shows

Facebook will share data with the four major US television networks in hopes of attracting more advertising dollars, reports The Wall Street Journal.

By Sep. 30, 2013


Facebook courts small businesses with new ad type

With Promoted Page Likes, the social network targets local merchants with smaller budgets and basic targeting needs.

By Apr. 30, 2013


Courts give smaller wireless carriers a gift

Today's federal Court of Appeals decision to uphold the FCC's rule to force Verizon to accept rules for data roaming is victory not only for the FCC, but also for smaller carriers.

By Dec. 4, 2012


Google courts Apple developers with new Google Maps tools

Google updates its iOS developer tools so that any developer can integrate Google Maps into the apps they produce.

By Feb. 22, 2013


Startup courts Millennials with social, crowdsourced news site

Eric Schmidt's Innovation Endeavors, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, and Oprah Winfrey are among those who have provided seed money to #waywire, co-founded by Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker.

By Jun. 30, 2012


Sex offenders battle state courts for Facebook accounts

Several registered sex offenders joined by civil liberties groups are stepping forward to say it's their constitutional right to use social networks.

By May. 30, 2012


Apple challenges Samsung in UK courts

Apple has brought its legal challenge against Samsung to the UK.

By Sep. 14, 2011