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Ep. 816: Where we only buy American

The 404 is finally back together again after Wilson's departure last week to San Francisco. Now that he's back, we get to hear all the reasons why the CNET office in San Francisco is better than ours. There's lots of stories to talk about today, like banning arcade machines, iPad 2 riots in Beijing, and custom Abbottabad levels in Counterstrike, but we're also launching a Twitter contest today for a chance to win one carbon fiber BodyGuardz skin for the iPad 2 or two codes worth $30 at the site.

By May 9, 2011


Take me out to the 'Counter-Strike'

At the World Series of Video Games, PC and Xbox games are treated with the same respect as soccer or basketball.

By December 10, 2006


'CounterStrike' session sets record

Enthusiasts set up a session of "CounterStrike" with 1,160 simultaneous players hosted on a single server.

By December 1, 2004