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Watch: Jonathan Coulton, nerd-folk rock star

Geeky singer-songwriter "JoCo," as he's known to fans, talks about life, music, zombies, and Caribbean cruises.

By October 29, 2012


The 404 Throwback Ep. 24: Where today, the cake is most definitely not a lie (podcast)

Today's rerun takes us back to 2008 when Jonathan Coulton joined us for the very first time. (Original air date: 1/28/08)

By August 12, 2014


The 404 presents "Re: Your Brains" performed by Jonathan Coulton

As a final treat for our fans, we've also got a live acoustic version of Jonathan Coulton's in-studio performance of "Re: Your Brains" Again, please be sure to visit him at jonathancoulton.com.

By April 13, 2009


The 404 presents "Codemonkey" performed by Jonathan Coulton

Due to popular demand, we've decided to push out for your listening enjoyment the live acoustic version of Jonathan Coulton's in-studio performance of "Codemonkey" from his concert DVD album "Best. Concert. Ever." Be sure to visit him at jonathancoulton.

By April 13, 2009


The 404 312: Where Jonathan Coulton nude pics Obama iPhone

Internet famous singer and songwriter Jonathan Coulton on the show today, and he makes us classy when he plays a couple of his latest hits off of his new DVD concert album 'Best. Concert. Ever.'

By April 2, 2009


Interview: Geek rocker Jonathan Coulton

JoCo joined Tom Merritt on CNET Live to talk about musicians making it on the Web. He played some tunes, too.

May 21, 2008


Boss around Jonathan Coulton

The bearded one is playing on CNET Live this Thursday. What should he play?

By February 19, 2008


Don't miss Tuesday's show! - Jonathan Coulton in the studio

Jonathan Coulton on the 404!

By January 28, 2008


'Glee' accused of ripping off indy YouTube singer

Jonathan Coulton is a little stunned that the teeny show seems to have created a version of "Baby Got Back" that comes back identically to his own version.

By January 19, 2013


Man who says 'Glee' ripped him off rips off 'Glee' rip-off

Jonathan Coulton believes the only way to avenge "Glee"'s alleged theft of his cover of "Baby Got Back" is to get back at Glee by covering its version. For charity.

By January 26, 2013