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BMW gives thumbs-up to 3D printing with custom-created thumbs

Workers in a BMW factory are being issued thumb guards specifically tailored to their hands as they build cars.

By July 4, 2014


At Ramstein, America's military aeromedical mission heats up

Road Trip 2011: At Ramstein Air Base in Germany, aeromedical crews must care for soldiers coming in from U.S. wars abroad and prepare them for journeys home. And serious injuries are increasing.

By June 13, 2011


NASCAR's Car of Today: A test drive

Recently superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr. made a plea to the NASCAR governing body that the current race car model needs to be improved. Today I present a video demonstrating the pros and cons of the so-called "Car of Today".

By August 18, 2009


The 404 143: Where it's talking to you

Per usual, we push the envelope in the preshow today and it starts to leak into the beginning of today's episode, but we quickly (maybe not so quickly) seal it up and get into our story rundown.

By July 17, 2008


Is open-source software support better than closed-source software support?

Open source doesn't automatically translate into better paid support for customers. But it does offer a lot more options and aligns customers with vendors more tightly.

By September 2, 2007


ORB Tools 1.2: users report Type 3 errors, startup crashes and more;<br>

ORB Tools 1.2: users report Type 3 errors, startup crashes and more;

By October 18, 1999